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Become a ReAttach Therapist:
A three day training workshop
19th, 20th & 21st April 2024

Providing clinicians with a new technique that effectively helps clients with trauma and self-limiting beliefs.


What is ReAttach?

ReAttach is developed and pioneered by Drs. Paula Weerkamp as a multi-modal intervention to support patients in dealing with complex problems such as autism, trauma, and non-congenital brain damage.

Nowadays, ReAttach is used worldwide by a diversity of therapists for children and adults with central neurological problems, functional neurological disorders, oncological problems, psychosomatic complaints, (psycho) geriatric problems, language and speech disorders, and post-traumatic and acute stress complaints.

The power of ReAttach is that you do not have to talk about what you have experienced, what is bothering you, what you want to change, what you have to process. ReAttach uses voice, thinking tasks, and light rhythmic touch on the hands. It ensures that you can retrieve, register, and (re) place the correct information. The exercises create new brain connections that provide different insights and replace old patterns.


ReAttach provides relaxation, overview, and a new perspective for growth.


3-Day Training Workshop: An Overview


The course will be held in an intimate group of no more than 8 people and participants will be able to gain experiential experience of the technique.

Day 1 

The first part of the ReAttach Protocol and how to improve affective mentalization under multiple sensory processing conditions.

Day 2 

The second part of the ReAttach Protocol, Cognitive Bias Modification, proactive coping and activation of learning potential.

Day 3 

Consolidate the training and apply ReAttach as a systemic approach. Introduction in working with special groups. There is a small, but rapidly growing evidence base for it, the therapy is robust enough to be taught in a 3-day basic training, and young therapists demonstrated large effect sizes in a diverse population


Taking place in central Eastbourne, a two minute walk from the main train station.


£725 per person.

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