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At Tomorrow Residential House, we aim to provide the Young People in our care with enough support so that they can develop into well-balanced individuals, both emotionally and socially. Through a structured and boundaried approach, the care is delivered through a continually updated care plan thus ensuring that the specific needs of the young person are met throughout the duration of their placement. We believe that by setting consistent reasonable boundaries, the young person can learn what behaviour is acceptable and appropriate and this is an ever-present facet of our approach.

As a staff team we are child centred, boundaried and committed providing a caring and supportive environment where the young person can flourish and grow. We actively encourage and promote independence alongside healthy living and activity to equip our young people with the necessary skills, knowledge, confidence and experience they need to take forward with them into the next phase of their lives.

All of our young people have access to a tailored vocational curriculum with the opportunity to gain qualifications in a range of subjects and skills which can then be a springboard to further education or employment.

The home itself has three bedrooms to accommodate one young person with a 2:1 staffing ratio which is in place to ensure that support and guidance is available at all times to the young person. Tomorrow House is ideally situated in a central location with convenient access to local amenities and services. As a single occupancy home we have ample opportunity to provide an independence programme that grows with the young person and at the same time encourage lots of family visits where we even have the facilities for some family members to stay overnight. 

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Dave Ridehalgh

L3 NVQ in Health and Social Care (Children and Young People) (L3 HSCCYP), L5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (L5 HSCCYP), Advanced Certificate in Non-Violent Resistance (Accredited by Paternership Projects).

I joined Anderida in 2008 and thoroughly enjoy working for an organisation who are passionate and committed to supporting young people whose life traumas have led to negative and challenging behaviours. As a manager at Anderida, I am committed to developing and maintaining a caring, welcoming and homely environment for young people and achieving the highest possible standards of care. I am dedicated to supporting the professional development of my fellow colleagues and supporting every member of my team to the best of my ability.

The ethos at Tomorrow House is to inspire young people, to develop their skills and to help them achieve independence so they are able to leave care with the skills needed to continue to develop and succeed in the outside world and throughout the rest of their lives. I am passionate about ensuring the young people in our care have every opportunity available to enable them to enrich their lives and to reach their full potential.

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