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It is our belief that all children need interaction with a wide social  network of peers and will support them to identify who and what are safe relationships, through education and role modelling.


The team have a wide knowledge of the facilities and activities which are available in the local areas such as youth clubs, leisure centres and sporting facilities. Our young people are encouraged to take full advantage of these activities. The train station is a short drive away, which is helpful in reducing any temptation which residents may have to cope with problems by running away from home.


All young people moving into the home will be supported with a 1.5:1 or 2:1 staffing ratio, and this will be assessed depending on the young person’s needs.


The assessment and reviews are an ongoing process; if continued support at this level is required, the placement can carry on until such a time the young person is confident and ready to move on.

Anderida recognise and prioritise the cultural, linguistic and religious needs of children, from the point of referral, impact analysis and support planning, we identify the needs of the child and ascertain where within the organisation, external agencies and communities the needs of the child can be met. When meeting a child and throughout their time living with us, we consult, discuss, assess and review where needs are met and where further exploration or resources are required to meet a child’s needs. Full training is given to the staff team to ensure they are skilled and able to explore with children their identities, showing curiosity and interest and understanding in all aspects of their lives.

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Dawn Dunkley

L3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (L3 CYPW), L3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment (L3 Assessor), L5 Diploma for Leadership and Management in Residential Childcare (L5 RCC), Advanced Certificate in Non-Violent Resistance (Accredited by Partnership Projects).


I have been working for Anderida since July 2012. Prior to this, I worked in agriculture on my family’s dairy farm. Starting as a bank mentor, I completed my Level 3 diploma and was keen to progress within the company and gain more experience to support my development. I have since progressed through various roles and have achieved an assessors award, Level 5 diploma and NVR certificate, and started managing Merdeka in 2018.


I endeavor to lead my team to support our young people to reach their full potential, drawing on therapeutic models with a high efficacy such as CBT and NVR. I am committed to making a caring supportive home that the young people can prepare and develop themselves ready for independence with good role modelling from the team. Greenfields aim to empower the young people to do the best they can and grow into adults that are able to be successful and lead  healthy independent lives.

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