Anderida residential children's homes in East Sussex, England, provide superior therapeutic residential child care, education and other child care related services for young people and children who have EBSD.

Our residential children's homes in East Sussex, provide child care to local authorities looking to place young people from across the country. Anderida also specialise in providing emergency placements, stepping in during placement breakdowns and delivering effective time out and respite solutions, therapeutic services to adults and children, non-violent resistance coaching for parents and  families as well as offering education to young people whom we care for, and others seeking specialist education, at our learning centre. Anderida can also provide diplomas and qualifications to child care professionals as well as train new assessors.


We see ourselves as a family, and equally we recognise the families of our children, the love, the history, and identity that comes from being with those who gave them life and who they grew up with. We feel every child has the right to be part of a family and one family does not preclude another. We will actively seek our opportunities for loved ones to have time together to reconcile, to improve relationships, be safe together and to contribute to the well-being of our children.


We cultivate an environment built on warmth, support and kindness. Through love and compassion we are emotionally open to our own and others suffering and distress and recognise that a sensitive, nurturing approach provides us with the means to help others and with them we can identify how they can fulfil their own needs. At the foundation of our relationships is tolerance and acceptance of emotions without condemnation. This gives us the starting point at which to support personal growth, social change and provide love and care.


Since its inception in 1991, Anderida has taken a fresh look at supporting looked after children and their families. We continue to be at the forefront of an contributing to new developments, utilising models with only the highest levels of efficacy. Anderida is one of a very tiny percentage of organisations that has been awarded The Investors in People Platinum award for their investment in staff, consultation and engagement with their teams. This has been central to the growth of the wide range of services under the umbrella of Anderida.


The core of our organisation is based on respect; respect our environment, respect for humanity, respect for our colleagues in wider agencies, respect for the families we support, appreciating their strength and courage in coming through adversity and being here today. We demonstrate respect in our attitude to others, peacefully resisting harm, showing compassion, empowering those we work with, doing what we can to take care of our world and contributing to our community.


Here at Anderida, we act to resist all forms of oppression and discrimination. We carefully consider the impact of decisions and structures on every level and where we can identify they are causing unnecessary harm to groups of individuals, we have the courage to speak up and effectively challenge. We take our responsibilities seriously and take a strong stance against all forms of prejudice including all forms of biased propaganda. We have passion and motivation to change the world. We are members of Amnesty International Youth, support Friends of the Earth campaigns and are members of the Children's Rights Alliance.


Anderida recognises the value and need to provide enabling environments for all.

We work together with children, families and each other to empower those who have been marginalised to recognise their value and impact, to know that they are being heard and are able to build on their own resources to find stability and effect change in their lives.


Here at Anderida we accept and respect all individuals and are committed to an inclusive environment for all.


We will:


  • Challenge all discrimination including nationality, gender, ethnicity, colour, sexual orientation, disability, culture, language, religion, marital or parental status and age

  • Not promote unhealthy stereotypes

  • Take meaningful action and open up dialogues that are uncomfortable but vital

  • Take extra time to be inclusive socially and practically

  • Promote British values

  • Assist people to overcome any barriers

  • Support people to recognize their potential and abilities

  • Take care in all aspects of social graces, like making a conscious effort to pronounce and record people’s names correctly, asking if we are unsure.


We will challenge all forms of discrimination inclusive of:

  • Communication and promotion of racist ideologies

  • Stereotyping because English isn’t someone’s first language

  • Generalizing when it comes to someone’s sexuality

  • Humor that is inappropriate and may cause offense to another individual

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Anderida Adolescent Care: Eastbourne, United Kingdom