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Here at Anderida we accept and respect all individuals and are committed to an inclusive environment for all.

We will:


  • Challenge all discrimination including nationality, gender, ethnicity, colour, sexual orientation, disability, culture, language, religion, marital or parental status and age

  • Not promote unhealthy stereotypes

  • Take meaningful action and open up dialogues that are uncomfortable but vital

  • Take extra time to be inclusive socially and practically

  • Promote British values

  • Assist people to overcome any barriers

  • Support people to recognize their potential and abilities

  • Take care in all aspects of social graces, like making a conscious effort to pronounce and record people’s names correctly, asking if we are unsure.


We will challenge all forms of discrimination inclusive of:

  • Communication and promotion of racist ideologies

  • Stereotyping because English isn’t someone’s first language

  • Generalizing when it comes to someone’s sexuality

  • Humor that is inappropriate and may cause offense to another individual

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