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Our primary aim is to provide a safe environment for which young people in our care can develop both physically and emotionally and to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy a level of independence that might otherwise have been denied to them. We are a proud, hard-working team who believe communication and high standards of house-keeping are the key to success. We recognise that being in care isn’t easy for the young people and we aim to provide a positive atmosphere, offering support and guidance along the way. Staff are fully equipped with a fountain of knowledge of the local area and will actively encourage our residents to take part in as many activities as possible including swimming, quad-biking, pool, ten-pin bowling and many more.


Merdeka, is a three-storey townhouse and can accommodate two young people, all young people moving into the home will be supported with a 1.5:1 or 2:1 staffing ratio and this will be assessed depending on the young persons needs. We seek to ensure that all young people's education needs are met whether this is through a mainstream or alternative provision, with the support for the care team, our young people have had much success in both.

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Maz Macmillan

L3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce, Level 2 diploma in Leadership and Management, Interpersonal Skills level 1, Currently completing L5 Diploma for Leadership and Management in Residential Childcare and NVR Advanced (to complete case studies by January 2021).

I have worked for Anderida since June 2016, I became a senior mentor in March 2019 and a Deputy manager in May 2020 and been given the opportunity to become the home's manager at Merdeka. I will be applying to become the registered manager by December 2020.

I have worked in Health & Social care since 2004, working with Autism, learning disability, and mental health services. I have always had a passion for communicating with people and developing my skills and knowledge within the caring sector.

I am committed to ensuring that the service we provide is of a high standard, ensuring that the young people’s wishes, feelings, and goals are being met daily with the support of our team. We strive to ensure that by using our models NVR and CBT therapeutic support, that all of our young people are given all the skills and tools to fulfill their full potential in a warm and loving environment.

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