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The staff team at Anderida care about ethical issues and wish to encourage the young people we care for to have a good awareness of the environment and develop a social conscience.

We have looked at all parts of our organisation and examined ways in which we can improve some of our ways in order to become more environmentally friendly. So far, we have made many changes, some of which have been vital in spreading awareness and making sure that our young people join us on our mission to protect our planet.

Collectively, we have made vast improvements and continue to put our efforts into the following areas:

  • Our gardens have been planted with bee and butterfly loving flowers and plants to support growth of the endangered bee population and encourage biodiversity within the local environment and reduce the consequent risk to the food-chain.

  • Our head office outdoor area has been developed to encourage local wildlife.

  • Our garden weeds are treated environmentally friendly products.

  • We use birdboxes, feeders, bee-boxes and insect hotels in gardens and at the office.

  • We participate in local Beach Cleans.

  • Our homes use only wash balls or environmentally friendly detergent.

  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • We research the most cost-effective and eco-friendly appliances before making an informed purchase.

  • #PlasticFreeFriday – Anderida pledge to ditch single-use plastics one day a week.

  • Where possible Anderida make use of re-usable food containers instead of cling-film to keep food fresh.

  • Staff to make use of re-fillable water bottles and coffee cups, such as bamboo eco-cups.

  • We purchase hand-soap in bulk for distribution to homes for using in refillable soap dispensers.

  • Ensure plastic is recycled as much as is possible.

  • Encourage awareness around ‘unseen’ plastic such as microfibers in clothing, and microbeads in toothpaste and other beauty products which pollute our soil and oceans and get into the food chain.

  • Always take our own bags when shopping.

  • Encourage use of alternatives to plastic products such as bamboo toothbrushes, and biodegradable cotton buds.

  • Reducing waste is a great way to reduce our impact on the environment. From thinking differently about what we buy, to using re-usable items, to and composting at home - there are lots of ways to make a real difference.

  • There is more to recycling than just paper, glass and plastic – by making a little extra effort we can play our part in reducing what goes to landfill and ending up in our environment and oceans.

  • Development and use of a local ‘Recycling map’ to encourage recycling for items that are not included in doorstep recycling, including batteries, water filters, printer ink etc.

  • Paper-free payslip system

  • We use recycled toilet paper and kitchen roll.

  • Terracycle Crisp packet recycling scheme.

  • We support the Prevent Agenda and British Values.

  • Anderida spreads awareness of current issues and invite staff to help make a difference through actions including petitions, campaigns, fundraising and events.

  • We buy Fair Trade products wherever possible.

  • Development of a periodic staff workshop to create further awareness around environmental and ethical issues.

  • We encourage and reward all young people for thinking ethically.

  • We will continue to work collectively to raise awareness and identify areas for improvement to ensure that we are investing in not only our future but also the future of our generations.

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