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Dig a little deeper and reap the rewards! For excelling and offering more in your role at Anderida, it benefits the organisation and for that you should be rewarded. But rather than a day's fishing in the rain and a pat on the head, how about being rewarded with things we all really crave? Like a day off or a rota with no weekends! So take a look at what earns you credits down the left side of this page and what you can cash your Kudos Credits in for down the right and let's benefit you and your life whilst benefiting Anderida. Everyone's a winner!


  • Outstanding contribution to a training course

  • Getting a personal best chat score

  • Employee of the month nomination

  • Covering last minute sickness

  • Every year of service

  • Winning world food night


  • Going 6 full months without taking a day off from the rota

  • Working a full shift during the Christmas party


  • Covering part of Christmas day

  • Identifying and implementing a money saving strategY

  • Identifying and implementing an environmentally conscious strategy

  • An innovative idea, system or project which benefits the YPs or the organisation

  • Introducing a new system that improves output/efficiency at head office 

  • Developing a new policy or procedure

  • Completing induction in under 12 weeks

  • Completing an A1 award in 3 months 

  • Delivering a training course

  • Recommending a successful job applicant who stays for 6 months

  • Employee of the Month

  • Plan a social

  • Take on an officer role

  • Become a staff mentor

  • Become a key worker

  • Cover a week in Scotland at the last minute

  • Take on a new role


  • Score 90+ in a chat review – must be verified by Kerry & Erica


  • Completing a L3 Diploma in 9 months

  • Completing a L5 Diploma in 12 months


  • Employee of the Year

  • Colleague of the Year


  • Covering Christmas day


  • Learn to drive (to become a driver at work)


  • Ten years of service (1 Kudos for every year thereafter)

Laying on Mattress


(11 points)

Start your shift at 12pm but be paid for the morning that you're not at work!


Fair notice required; discuss with your manager.

Friends Party


(15 points)

An entire weekend off the rota. 

At least one month's in notice to allow for rota planning. You will not be paid for this, but it means you will not be allocated any shifts on a weekend of your choosing.


Fitness Sessions

(25 points)

Receive a block booking of four bootcamp or training sessions with Eastbourne's very own force of fitness, WillPower.

Bullet Journal

Choose Your Shifts

(30 Credits)


Sit down with whoever writes the rota and pick your shifts for a chosen month -  working only two weekend days (or one weekend day if part time). Maximum of two participating staff members per rota. First come, first served.

Vegetarian Thali

£30 Voucher

(30 Points)



For 30 points, we can purchase you a £30 voucher of your choice. There are plenty of options!

Girls in a Coffee Shop

No Weekends

(35 Credits)


Enjoy a full rota with no weekends. You will still have your full quota of shifts but they will all be scheduled in for week days. Maximum of one participating staff member per rota - first come, first served. One rota advance notice needed

Lightbox with word gift voucher on wood

£50 Voucher

(50 Credits)

For 50 points, we can purchase you a £50 voucher of your choice. There are plenty of options! Eg your favourite shop, favourite restaurant, red letter day, travel vouchers, groupon experiences, beauty place etc etc the choice is yours! We can also put £50 extra in your wages, although you may be taxed on this.


Avoid working on any of the Christmas/NY dates

(100 Credits)

Due to the headache that the Christmas rota brings; the cost in credits has been heavily amped up for dodging working on those treasured, festive days. One participating member of staff per year. First come, first served.

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