Our mission statement

Anderida Adolescent Care is an organisation with a proven history and track record of working with and supporting traumatised young people who are not able to live with their own families and have usually had a number of failed placements. Anderida residential children's homes in East Sussex, England, provide superior therapeutic residential child care, education, and other child care-related services for young people and children who have EBSD.

The fostering service will aim to ‘purposefully include’ the family members of a young person where we can make it safe to do so and seek to maintain the relationships which will be enduring and long-lasting. Anderida Foster Care will seek evidence and recognise the impossibility of preventing young people to resist the connection with their family, alongside the harm caused by complete separation.

Anderida Foster Care aims to ‘call into question the validity of the ‘status quo’, within the current fostering landscape, and provide an innovative model. It also aims to dispute the attitude and mindset surrounding the ‘institutionalised and institutionalising language’ and ‘procedural regimentation’ that dominates the lives of traumatised young people within foster care.

Instead, the service will promote and nurture an inclusive ‘growth mindset’, from which carers will communicate a strong conviction, that the young person will be integrated, feel connected with nurturing others and actualise themselves.

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